Tuesday, June 06, 2006

She's a nasty woman that June Gloom

Well, she's not actually a woman but what we Southern Californios call this time of year. You get up in the morning to fog, it hangs around until two or three in the afternoon, then you get about 45 minutes of sun, and then the fog comes back until ... well, you get the picture. This never ending weather pattern is called June Gloom and it just about spoiled our first-ever teardrop camping experience.

If you're wondering what a teardrop is, it's the tiny little trailer behind darling husband's Chevy truck. It's our version of a RV. The shape gives it the unusual name but it could be from what is shed from sleeping in a 4' high, 4' wide, 5' long bed. Turn away if you have claustrophobia. I don't so it suits me fine.

Here is the "bedroom" and yes, that's the California bear flag we are using as a bedspread. Heads fit under a bank of cabinets with feet under another. Don't set up too fast or you'll get splinters. The back has the "galley" and if it had been warmer, I'd have rustled up some camping grub. As it was, the only thing I cooked on this shake-down cruise was tea and toast.

June Gloom. We love the beach in the summer. Sometimes it would be so gray you couldn't tell where the sky ended and the sea began. Does this look cold? Too bad you can't see how windy it was, too.

Buddy can attest to the fact it was cold. This was the city-dog's first every camping trip and I'm sure he kept thinking, "We're going home soon, I just know it."

Even with the cold, the wind and the fact the toilet was fifty yards away this adventure had it's up side. At four in the morning, on a trip to the bathroom and before the fog rolled in, it was so clear you could see the milkyway and I don't mean the candybar. I forgot how beautiful the night sky can be without the light pollution of the city. And with the moonlight reflecting off the water you could hardly tell where the sky stopped and the ocean began.

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  1. OK ....Buddy not only needs a scarf while riding in the Mustang - he needs a special tear drop blanky........bless his heart.