Saturday, June 10, 2006

What becomes of aging rock stars?

Evidently they make Blue Grass covers of their songs. Well, that's what David Lee Roth has done. Saw this last week on the Late Late show with TV's Craig Ferguson and I've had trouble sleeping ever since. Diamond Dave has re-recorded his biggest hits with a Blue Grass group and it's called Strummin' With the Devil: The Southern Side of Van Halen. This is no joke, well, not an intended one. I couldn't watch, I had to turn it off. Sad, so pathetically sad.


  1. OMG........I did the same thing. He comes bounding out for the interview and I say" whaa hoppen to David Lee Roth"? I'm hysterical I think OK I'll listen to the tune....NOT!!! turned it off and deleted the scary thing from my DVR. OMG

  2. Yeah, saw the same show. Pretty sad, isn't it. The cringe factor was off the chart.

  3. I heard him a few months ago on the radio. He said that while he was doing EMT work for 2 years (up to last yr I think), he said not one person recognized him while on the job. It is a shame. What incredible times I had jamming to Van Halen when I was younger. I still love the old stuff, who doesn't?