Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pssssssssstttt: did you hear something?

Last week we received eleventy-thousand dollars worth of cardboard boxes. I hope there are cabinets inside but I'm leaving them for Mr Heckendorf, the contractor, to open. He says it will only take two days to get them installed, three if Dan helps.

Honestly, Dan really has been a help, he's a plumber-electrician-dry-wall-guy that doesn't mind cleaning up. He added dry wall to his title just last week when he watched the kitchen get finished. He's taken that knowledge and is finishing the walls in the master bath.

The sink was removed and will go back after the cabinets are in but only temporarily because it will have to come out again for the counters. Dan is great to put it back in for me. He's done it so many times he could do install it in his sleep. That hasn't been to inconvenient but this has been a busy week and no time to cook anyway.

Word of advice. Don't let your sense of beauty over take your budget. I almost ordered the most wonderful tile for the bathroom at more than twice what I had budgeted. Always take a deep breath an then decide. It if is something you can't live without then find something to cut elsewhere. Just think of your budget like gas trying to escape from a box and it's your job to keep it all contained.

Got to go, I think Dan found another leak.

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