Tuesday, October 11, 2005

You sold the family cow for what?

Holy cow! I just found out what the granite counter tops will cost. I think I'll just glue twenties to the counter and be done with it.

I've always been a pragmatic soul buying name brands when it made sense (except for those designer sandals a few summer back but they were red--who doesn't want a pair of red Italian sandals) but just as happy with a bargain if it made more sense so why am I willing to fork out that kind of dough. Have I been seduced by the media to think I really need this stuff? I love to bake but could I roll pastry on a plastic sheet over tile and be happy? How to decide?


  1. Buy it, you worked hard, you deserve it. Buy it, you survived the dust bowl, you earned it.

  2. no tile! the grout in between is a bi-atch to keep clean. solid surface.