Friday, October 28, 2005

Let them eat Yellow Cake

I think I saw the President. If watching two black limos with an assortment of black SUVs, police and California Highway Patrol whizzing down the freeway at a ticket-worthy 80 miles miles an hour, then it qualifies as a viewing.

I live near the Reagan Presidential Library and on Friday a new exhibit was dedicated. They've built a hanger and dragged Reagan's Air Force One up the hill for display. Us peons can see it next week because the President and his cronies had a "gala" grand opening. So this is why I think I saw the President--at the very least I saw his entourage--or it could have been a trained monkey, but I saw something.

I would not be true to myself if I didn't mention how disappointed I am with the current administration. It's not that I've never been lied to before but not to this extent. Listen, after 911 I never thought twice about invading Afghanistan but never did I understand the Iraq invasion. At the least they should have found Walmart-sized building full of weapons that could distruct the masses. What did they find? No, I mean someone tell me, what the hell did they find? I'm waiting--2000 families of dead soldiers are waiting, someone one tell us why we invaded that country. And please, don't lie to us. We're oh so very tired of lies.

But I did see him, blasting down the freeway in a big hurry to get there. Not to the place I want him to be but in a big hurry to be someplace. I'd like to think while he was speeding along he might have had a quiet moment to think about how Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby and lest we forget, Dick Cheney, might have gotten him into this mess--and how was he going to get us out.

On second thought, maybe it was a trained Monkey in the back of that limo.

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