Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Stick 'em up!

We had to get rid of our old stove and I found a company that would pick it up for ten dollars. I called and scheduled a pick-up and they gave me very specific instructions. It had to be in front of our fence but not at the curb. The ten dollars MUST be in the form of a check or the appliance would not be taken without it. They would pick-up on Tuesday before noon.

Dan and I were diligent with the instructions and had it in place Tuesday at 7:00 am, just in case they came early. When some guys came an hour later they loaded the stove and Dan tried to give them the check and they said, no, they needed cash. I was surprised but gave them the ten bucks in cash and off they went. Dan and I had other things to do so we left and when we returned had a voice mail asking where the appliance was. Evidently our stove was stolen and we paid them ten dollars to do it!

Life goes on.

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