Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Integrity: you can get it on craigslist

Funny what people ask for on There was a post from someone wanting an original Apple Airport card. I'd not used mine in years and when I opened the back of my ibook there it was telling me it was worth fifty bucks. Well, worth fifty bucks to someone on craigslist.

I made contact and let the person know I'd be in her area on Wednesday at the J.Paul Getty Center, I'm a docent there, and could we meet at a near Starbuck's? She also goes to the Getty and would meet me there. Perfect.
She finds me and explains she didn't find an ATM, didn't have cash and would I hold on to the card until next week. I made a decision on the spot that this was an honest person and let her have the card. Try it and if it works the way you want it to send me a check. Two people told me I just gave away the card but I had a good feeling about this girl. She's a teacher, points in my book already, and she teaches high school, well subs, which makes her close to sainthood.

She seemed shocked I trusted her but I've always felt the more you trust people the more they won't screw you. Hell, I've been screwed out of more than 50 bucks in my lifetime and if she came through then I'd have the money and a heartwarming story.

She has the card, it works and I have the check, she mailed it as promised and we have two people that feel good about humanity. Hey, it's a start.

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