Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hang on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride

On this bumpy road to a new kitchen we've come to a roadblock. Not the sirens-flashing cops-with-guns type of roadblock, more of a bump like those bumps in parking lots. One of the upper cabinets came damaged and can't be installed. It's the corner, needs to be installed first and the other cabinet will also have to wait. Who knew cabinetry was so familial. Problem is it might take a while to get a new cabinet but we drove carefully over this roadblock on to the next.

Phil and Dan call me on my cell and ask me to come home, there was a problem. Ye gads, what now? I was only a block away and was home in a flash.

Background: There are three, separate but joined together, wall cabinets all with glass doors for me to display my things that are pretty enough to show.

"Do you want a light in each cabinet, or just the center one?"

This has got to be a "man" question because I wouldn't have spent the extra money for glass doors if I didn't care if anyone could see in. Sigh.

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