Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What I believe

You might wonder why I'm not more vocal about the upcoming presidential campaign, to be honest, I'm quite tired of everything and we have not even got to the convention. Way too much press for everything they do and we have to listen to more until November. Oh when it gets closer I will start talking about registering to vote and hope all my friends encourage anyone they know to do the same and I do have an Obama placard in my front window, thanks to my daughter but you could drive yourself plum crazy if you followed every breath and fart the media thinks is news.

Now who I'd like to see more of in the coming months is Michelle Obama. This is one tough cookie and I say that with the utmost respect. She seems very real to me. Time will tell with anyone, I just hope she doesn't disappoint, we so need someone to look up to these days.

Now, has he made mistakes? You bet he has but compared to the current administration of untrained monkeys he looks pretty damn good. As soon as they are out of office I'll quit comparing them to monkeys; it's so insults the monkay.

And while were at it, Screw Fox News and the New Yorker. I know, NY's cover was satire but I know people who think this is true. I'm very sad to say they know Obama is Muslim and a terrorist. You are kidding, right?

Listen, I'm gonna vote for Obama, period. Does he answer all my needs? Probably not but he's the best thing out there and we need a change. Will it actually make a change in the way we live? Probably not. If I were a dreamer I'd say by next January we'd be out of Iraq, have health care program for everyone, and could thumb our collective noses at foreign oil. If I just get one of those, Santa, I promise to be a very good girl.


  1. this is my very favorite post of yours in a long time. I get email from Michelle Obama the latest one said something to the effect "when Obama was about to make the speech at the convention in 04' Wife Michelle cozied up beside him and to relieve some of the tension said "don't screw up buddy". Can't imagine what she'll say prior to the big speech next month HA!!! She is one lady I would like to sit and have a cuppa tea with.

  2. ooooops it's me Doodles