Monday, July 28, 2008

Steve, eat a sandwich

It would be safe to say I am an Apple fan. I like them baked or raw and I'm especially fond of them in pies. The computer company? Yeah, I like them too. I've always held Apple close to my heart and don't own a iPhone because I can't justify the cost but damn, I'd love one.

What I can't understand is how Steve Jobs health can rock the stock. There is so much talk about him being ill; he does look painfully thin. People are afraid the company would go to hell in a hand basket if he died tomorrow? Are you kidding? My son-outlaw did remind me yesterday of what happened when Steve left Apple before but I still have faith in this company. Apple is much more than Steve Jobs and though they haven't talked about a successor publicly, how could a huge company like that NOT have something planned. This isn't their first rodeo, folks.

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