Saturday, July 12, 2008

Water off a duck's back

The Metrolink trains have a fun little arrangement for seating; two facing two. So you are forced to sit and look at two other people or bring a book, computer, or newspaper to keep you otherwise occupied. I was deep into reading my new book this week when Mr D-troit City literally dropped into the seat next to me. I have this magnet.

We picked up this obnoxious soul at the last stop. He just flew in and as luck would have it, his not mine, he was going to all the way to my stop. I tried to be ever so nice, I really did. We'd only gone two stops when he'd already insulted women, and the Japanese and was almost finished with his third joke when I told him, with a glare that could freeze water, it was his last.

Changing the subject I asked if he were on vacation. God, I prayed he was. Who wants this moron in the state permanently. He was going to visit "his girl" and called her to let her know he was closely approaching their rendezvous. I then started praying this woman was blind and deaf. Us sisters need to stick together. Should I meet her at the platform and bitch slap some sense into her? Or, maybe she was getting her Karma straightened our for a past sin.

When he told me he needed to ask me something that might make him look stupid I told him how on earth could I think less of him than I already do. Never phased him though the woman behind us laughed out loud. I was sure she'd been entertained by this baboon since he plopped down. He noticed some empty seats and asked should he move and I told him yes because this was my stop and since the train only stops for a few moments the thought of riding with him any further made me want to find a sharp object with which to take my life.

Mr D-troit City was insufferable but I only had to spend a half hour with him think of his lady friend. Now I know why animals, caught in a trap, chew off their own leg.


  1. Well, also why some animals will puff up to twice their usual size, hiss, and spit venom.

  2. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1