Friday, July 04, 2008

Fire in the sky causes problems for all of us

Happy Fourth of July. Always a fun day but filled with some angst for me. One, the doggies; they do hate all the noise and two, the fireworks. Someone gets hurt because when you combine fire and things that go boom with the inevitable consumption of alcohol you've got problems.

Now I'm not saying we don't set off a pretty spectacular display ourselves but we get the safe and sane varieties legal in the county ( just not our city) and safety is of the utmost importance. We hose down the cement area next to the pool, have water and fire extinguishers at the ready and only one responsible person lights off the fireworks. It's been a tradition but we won't this year. The Arnold our Gov wants a crackdown on fireworks so our little city will fall in step with some pretty stiff fines. You can understand why, just go on YouTube and search "fireworks accidents", such a bunch of idiots in this country. Thanks for ruining it for us.

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