Thursday, July 24, 2008

And the war rages on

For about twenty years I've had an on and off battle with our phone service. First it was Pacific Bell, then SBC and now AT&T. Like most wars, no one wins; it just becomes a stalemate. Our neighborhood was built in the 60s and when the phone lines were put underground, something novel at the the time, I think they used something cheap as we've had many years of problems.

It usually starts with static on the line that I can hear then it progresses to static that keeps both from hearing the conversation. Sort of negates the whole purpose of a telephone, I know but since it takes an act of congress to get it fixed I tend to overlook most of the static. It's rather become my signature I believe. With the popularity of cell phones I've not even used the "land line" all that much lately and last night it rolled over and died. Completely. No buzz. Maybe it felt lonely. Unloved.

The phone company now wants you to test all your equipment yourself before you holler for help, which we did, and nope it just won't buzz. And it seems like it won't even think of buzzing until Saturday morning between eight a.m. and noon. Geeze, I'm almost missing the static.

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