Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting help from a billionaire

This is interesting. A Texas Oil Billionaire, not running for office, wants to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. All the current administration wants to do is lift the ban of offshore oil drilling. Yeah, like we need more of that. We need to get off oil, foreign or domestic and find an alternative. This is a creative country why can't we spend some money on technologies that would do that?

In the coming weeks I'll be watching what ol' T.Boone has in store for a solution. You might want to take a look, too.


  1. I was planning on writing this very same blog....T Boone is on the airwaves quite a bit with his plan. So I think I'll just link to your post here.

    I do know that many Texans, who are here for the summer, are quite annoyed with ol' Mr Pickens.

  2. hmmmmmmm posted under the wrong account.......doodles HA!!!!!!!!!!