Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mi Doyers

Ever since Vegas I feel like I'm on vacation. Not cooking much so that means not posting on the food blog. Not really doing much of anything. I'm still dealing with a bum elbow so resting it is utmost these days. I do the minimal amount of cleaning; just enough to keep the health department at bay. That leave watching TV which has become a favorite now that the temp hovers around the triple digits.

Neither my beloved or I favor much regular TV but with Tivo, (or what we call, what did we do before this?) we can watch the few things we like. The Dodgers are pretty high on that list right now and as we slide headfirst into the All-Star break they are in a battle for first place. Hopefully the break will give everyone a rest and maybe a little batting practice. Ethier can only do so much and let's face it, the old man, Kent is getting more fragile each game. He still is a force to be reckoned with; let's hear it for the old guys.

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