Monday, June 28, 2010

Were thirty- eight miles from Las Vegas? Yes, Las Vegas, New Mexico. We are making good time and stopped in Raton, NM for breakfast. Dan has been lifting the hood to cool off the starter when we stop. It seems to work. After breakfast walking back to the car a truck pulled up to see if we needed help. Nice people in Raton.

We stopped at this motel/ restaurant because there were lots of trucks and on a Monday morning that should have meant it was either cheap or great. It was neither, it wasn't too expensive and just average. I'm still looking for some great food. Of all places, I had a good green chili snack at the fairgrounds. Ray told me Pueblo green chilies are pretty hot so I tried chilies and melted cheese rolled up like a burrito. Great flavor and heat.

After registration for the car show on Friday we stopped for lunch at a small cafe across the street from the convention center, the Plaza Cafe. It was only about 10:30 so we opted for breakfast. Everything came smothered in a green chili sauce so I had sausage, hash browns and scrambled eggs with the sauce. Not as spicy as I would have liked but, almost.

The thing about the cafe was there were a few local elderly folks and as they got up to pay their bill the guy behind the counter would say, "oh, let me get that today." When I paid my check I asked how many he he paid for and he looked a bit embarrassed and admitted to just a few telling me he worried if they got enough to eat. You meet nice people all over the place.

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