Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tales from the teardrop: last day of the car show

After a very hot and busy date at the car show we all met at a local restaurant, the Hen House. Our friends daughter works there and it is one of their favorites. When we got back to the teardrop it was too early, and still too hot, to go to bed so we walked back to the fairgrounds to see some cars and it was pretty raucous, must be some fuzzy heads this morning. Back in the trailer to sleep with the windows open because when the wind stopped it really got much warmer. Point to remember, don't camp down wind of the fairgrounds. We could smell the grease from the fry-o-lator until way past 10:00.

Sundays are always a bit quieter at the car show. A lot of folks don't stay for the awards and the big prize give-away and add the number of late night party goers you have a quite a subdued crowd. Since we aren't leaving until Monday morning we might check out down Pueblo tonight. My sister says they've a " river walk" that sounds fun.

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