Friday, June 25, 2010

Tales from the teardrop: friends, old and new

After an almost unbearable day, well few hours, we headed to the outskirts of Pueblo to have dinner with old friends. They'd moved away almost thirty years ago and ended up in Pueblo.

Staying at their house are three friends from our car club so dinner was very pleasant. They have a lovely house in the country and the wife fed us all. We sat outside after dinner and talked until well after dark but had no problem getting back to the fairgrounds with the help of the iPad. Even though I've had many sparse AT$T spots on this trip when I could get connected it was great. Just the Google Maps with the GPS is worth the cost of admission.

We've used the iPad to plan this trip, check on gas stations, and eateries. The AAA site suggested a great Mexican restaurant in Delta, Co, and we'd go back there if we weren't heading down to New Mexico on our way home. We'd gotten some great suggestions from my sister as to where to stay. Can't wait and after three nights in this parking lot ill be glad to see something different.

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