Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tales from the teardrop: Bryce day two

Sunday we celebrated Fathers Day with a little drama. After spending three or so hours in a fantastic bus tour, thanks Spike, we came back to camp, had lunch and headed back to the visitor's center for some info on the evening's Ranger talk. 

After that we decided to take the shuttle back to camp and enjoy a nap.  When I  woke up I realized my purse was missing. I'd been carrying a shoulder bag and had stuffed my purse in that. We headed back to the visitor's center to check their lost and found and nope, no one had turned it in. I was ready to come home I was so upset until the Ranger called the shuttle bus company and yes, they found a purse and were trying to find me. They had tried the hotel and then found us registered at the camp ground. I was the happiest camper in Bryce Canyon that night. 

My purse must have slid out when my shoulder bag was in the floor and I was so tired I didn't realize it was gone. The real luck was the driver found it right after we got out and took it to the office. Nothing missing we headed of to the Lodge to celebrate Father's Day with a fantastic meal. We ended the evening with a lecture from the Ranger and then, finally off to bed both tired from our second day at Bryce.    

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