Monday, June 21, 2010

Tales from the teardrop: Bryce Canyon National Park

Editior's note: finally back to an Internet connection, YEAH!

Brcye Canyon National Park is more beautiful than I even imagined. We arrived here a little later than I planned but I did not factor in a cranky starter/neutral safety switch. Each time we shut off the truck, at rest stop or lunch, it then needed about 30minutes to cool down enough to start. So the work-around is not shut it off, well, except to get gas and because my beloved knows engines and their workings, he bypassed the switch and got us moving again. 

They campground is nice but we were at the far end which is a walk to the toilets and out of range for the wifi and evidently in the 3% of the country that AT&T doesn't serve, I have no 3G. I'm a bit behind in my posting. 

Even if I did have a connection last night I might not have posted as we discovered there was a 9:00 pm Ranger lead Astronomy event just down the road with five telescopes set up afterwards. We saw the rings of Saturn, a very good closeup of the moon and a star cluster a bajilion miles away. I was going to mention we saw the rings of Uranus but that is such an old joke.   

By the time we got back to the trailer it was 11pm and we were dead tired. We still had to make the bed, which is no easy chore in the teardrop and finally made it into bed about midnight. Quite the long day for these two campers. We needed to be up early and out to the tram stop as we signed up for a 9am three hour tour. Great driver/tour guide and he gave us a different direction to take on Monday morning.          

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