Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tales from the teardrop: it started out a good day

Dan did a little shade tree/parking lot mechanics this morning and changed the solenoid in the truck. Down the road we went towards Holbrook, AZ and just this side of Gallup, NM, poof, we blow a tire in the teardrop.Trooper stops to make sure Dan doesn't get killed changing the tire, which took an hour. Of course, the truck won't start so another twenty minutes or so fussing. I guess what he changed in Santa Fe wasn't it. 

Limping off the freeway into Gallup and something isn't right. Dan takes off the newly mounted spare and find that the axel, she's a broke, and the truck won't start. We drop the trailer, get the truck running, and go find a motel, in Gallup, by the train yard. Dan checks the NSRA directory and there is one member in town, turns out he's an angel because they get the teardrop over to his shop and they might have solved the truck problem, maybe. We will know tomorrow. 

If Dan can get a trailer tomorrow we will take the teardrop home, if not, it will get left here and get repaired and then another trip up to bring it home. This was not such a good day but we did take the angel and his wife to dinner at a pretty decent restaurant and there is hope that things will be better tomorrow. One can only hope at this point. 

I'm tired and going to bed. 

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