Sunday, January 21, 2007

Only one year ago

This blog is more than a year old so I was looking back to last January and I had only one post. It was about our remodel of bathroom number one and the agony of having only one functioning bathroom. Spoiled, really spoiled.

It seems amazing that it's been a year since that bath was finished, time does move forward. Now I find it difficult to remember the old bath with it's clunky dark shower and the horrible ugly vinyl flooring, ugh, so seventies.

There are a few projects still left to be done, paint the living room, flooring in my office and the guest bedroom and I must think of something fun to do in there. Darling husband has been busy installing a new heater and A/C and the heater came in the nick of time but I have little to do with these jobs. I've lost the momentum needed to finish these projects. I need some house guests to make me more organized. Maybe I could rent out the front bedroom? I do have two bathrooms, now.

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