Friday, January 26, 2007

Open wide

Well, I'm sitting up and taking nourishment. Darling husband is whiz-bang at heating things in the microwave and more than willing to run out and get me anything I need. Have to pass on a few things right yet but the soup has been a godsend. Trader Joe's makes this cream of tomato in box that is great so was pleased he could get me a cup warmed.

What made me feel better? I succumbed to marketing and husband snagged me some Mucinex, well generic version, and it seemed to work quite well. I can never tell whether it's the cold taking it's course or it actually does something to help. My dad used to say, "To get over a cold it takes a week unless you go to the Dr and then it takes 7 days." I didn't laugh at that until I got a lot older.

Since I've caught up on all the old movies I can handle I think I'll get up and "blow the stink off of me" which is another Dad wisdom. He was sure if you got up you'd feel better which in most cases that works. I was stoic when it came to work. Don't get me wrong if I was contagious I stayed away but if I was still working I would not be languishing in bed. Ah, another early-retirement benny.

All this resting got me thinking of some of my childhood illness, which because I was Asthmatic were numerous. Once, when I had some ear-infected-snotty-nose-cough type of illness I awoke in the middle of the night crying. My dad was the first one there with the cough medicine and poured me a big old spoon full without turning on the light. Bleck! It was sweet oil something that was put in your ear if you had an ear ache and unfortunately the same size bottle as the cough medicine. It was a long time before I cried in the middle of the night again. Being a parent is difficult, especially at four-in-the-morning. Thanks, Gene.

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