Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Shhhhh, she's resting

Crap! I've got a cold. I think the last cold was when I came back from Indiana last May and that was because we spent so much time around smokers. This seems to be a regular, get a fever, sneeze, cough and feel crummy for five days cold.

A friend said, "take Zicam, it is a miracle." Well it's a miracle I can stake the stuff. I opted for the tablet that melts in your mouth. Ugh. Taste like sucking on a drain pipe. Dan says he never saw anything get so sick so quick so I guess we can stop taking the Zicam. Good it made my tongue feel like it had a little furry coat on that tasted like some old ABC* cherry gum.

Lil bird, who just had the same stuff says, "Musinex is the best!" My sister swears by Theriflu. I'd love to soak in a blistering hot bath but with my recent episode with dry skin, that's out. I think I'll just stick to the home remedies. Rest, lots of fluids, chicken soup and hot lemon water with honey. If that doesn't work, a slug or two of brandy would be just fine. Can't hardly take too much; you pass out before you overdose.

If you all aren't sick you can struggle on over to Peanut Butter Étouffee. We are having a food challenge.

*ABC- already been chewed

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  1. you are a mess but I bet you are feeling better this a.m. at least I hope so. Wish I could come make you chicken what would momma do?