Tuesday, January 02, 2007

No handicapped people here

We were one of four hosts for a New Year's Eve progressive dinner and had a houseful for the salad course. I didn't get to make anything fancy, it would have been impossible for 25, but did have an interesting salad bar. What was the biggest hit at my stop? The warm spiced apple cider. It was a chilly evening.

One of the guests is a very talented blind woman. She was a guest at the house a while ago when I was living in Bakersfield and knew right away we had remodeled. She tapped the floor and said she noticed we'd changed from carpet to tile. I found this amazing but she is an amazing person. She works and plays the violin and is always so cheery. She also lives alone, cooks for herself and friends, and swims in her backyard pool. I would never think of calling her handicapped. It's us that are at times.

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