Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Look Ma, no cavities!

Most regular readers know Buddy, the wire-haired terrorists. He's our eleven-year-old darling doggy and after a trip to the vet last November he was told by Dr Ron to lose a few pounds, three to be exact. Now this is not to say he's fat, just a tad over his fighting weight. So we stopped with all the "people food," which we thought was a good way to diet. Buddy didn't agree but us being the dutiful pet parents that we are we stuck with this new regimen.

Yesterday Buddy had an appointment to have his teeth cleaned. This was his first time. We've never had a dog with dental problems so why subject him was my thought. Anyway he did just fine, not a bad tooth in the lot and even had a blood test to say his insides were just as good.

And how did the diet work, she asks? Buddy proudly jumped on the scale and as the number rose my heart sank. He did not lose one ounce, not one. Of course he didn't gain anything, that would have been pure agony, but he really hasn't been eating anything close to what he did before November. Either this mutt is ordering pizza while we are away or we just don't understand how much to feed a dog. Back to the drawing board on this one. Poor Buddy.


  1. Oh Buddy ya just look so handsome!

  2. i wouldn't put it past that dog to know how to order a pizza!