Monday, January 22, 2007

Tools for a healthier life

Suffering from dry skin this time a year isn't real life threatening but it sure is uncomfortable. After a rather irritating weekend I decided to check some websites for info. I love the Mayo Clinic site, so informative and very easy to find things. Low and behold, they have a section on dry skin.

The causes are what you would think and yes, I take blistering hot showers so that will have to stop. Another good point they made was even in winter it's easy to get dehydrated so remember, drink your water. Water seems to be the key in almost everything. Could be our bodies are mostly water, mine has it's share of fat but it's good to be reminded to drink more.

So I'm off to the store to find some of the creams they recommend and then into a nice lukewarm bath. Ahhh, relief at last.


  1. we all tend not to drink enough water in the cooler weather. I try to drink 64 oz all the time but harder to achieve this time of the year. hope you're feeling better

  2. Anonymous9:07 PM

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