Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mother Blogger

Blogger is pretty much making my blog life crazy. Sheesh! Is anyone else having this much trouble? Can't connect, photos don't load, and the worst insult--can't make a comment on a blog. How can I live?

It does seem to be back up and running this morning so a quick rant because I am a busy retiree. With the holdiay past I'm now into a different more relaxed but still busy mode. And because I'm trying to give my spleen a rest I'll try not to be too frustrated with Blogger today and state that I have a few things to be thankful for.

The wind has subsided, notice I didn't say stop because it will be back this Friday. It has been the the worst year that I can remember and I've live in this house since '73. Give us some rain, please. So until the wind comes back I will savor the lovely California winter.


  1. i think they're purposely sabotaging the old version of blogger so you will switch over to the new one. are we ready to switch? all three of us have to do it at around the same time, or pbe will get all honked up. let me know.

  2. MP has to be the one the do the major switch on PBE right? I switched on mine.