Monday, January 23, 2006

Who works this long on a shower?

I've drifted far from blogging these days and can't say why. I'd love to say I've been so productive but that would be a big fat lie. I've not done much outside of a small amount of reading, some cooking and helping Dan tile the bathroom shower. Yes, we are still working on bathroom number one. This project is being brought to you by two people who, before retirement, would have stayed up nights just to get it finished yet now are quite complacient with this progress. It does amaze me that we've taken so long, not troubled but amazed.

We are to the ordering-the-custom-shower-door stage which is causing some concern. We've measured six ways to Sunday but Dan still wants to have a friend come by and doulbe check what we've done. These glass shower enclosers are not cheap so I understand his concern. My concern is will we ever get to shower in this room?

I don't know why I'm in a hurry because when we finish this one we'll start on bathroom number two. This sometimes keeps me up nights but I must get over it. We'll need to "gut" which is such an ugly word, bathroom number two right down to the bare walls. That means, lots of dust and mess and back to one toilet again. How I've been accustomed to two bathrooms. My step-mother was raised with ten in her family and growing up they only had one bathroom. The horror! Which brings to mind, I didn't have the pleasure of an extra bath until I moved to this house but growing up there were four of us so that wasn't as bad. I do remember at times, the agony of one toilet and a father with the new Reader's Digest.

If I were smart I'd take this in-between time to do something different like a small vacation. I think I'll start working on Dan, the smell from the grout sometimes makes him light-headed.

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