Thursday, September 28, 2006

Strolling on the boardwalk in New Jersey

Loved the Friday afternoon we spent on the boardwalk in Wildwood with the Cousins. It was filled with all the sights and sounds and smells I'd imagined. We'd headed down there for a Car Show with Shawn and Gail and Jeff and Dawn. With six we needed two cars so we rode with Jeff and Dawn to get to know them better.

I had to snap a photo of Curley's. We didn't eat there but ate pizza at Little Nicky's. Now doesn't that just sound like Jersey? We then proceeded to look at the cars parked on the boardwalk. The weather couldn't have been better and since it was a three-day car show it wasn't crowded.

These are the cousins in both age and height order. Thanks Jeff for the educating us to the differences between hamsters and gerbils. Shawn, loved the boardwalk pizza and chocolate strawberries and thanks for being our tour guide, and darling husband, thanks for taking me along.

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