Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Somethings are manditory

My vacation with my sister is over. Sigh. I did get used to her being here but she has a house and a husband in Florida and needed to get back to sell one of them. Since husbands don't go for much it's the house she needs to sell.

She had a "wish list" and I'm afraid we didn't get everything accomplished. Means she needs to return. We did get to the desert and did quite a lot of cooking, and had a ball eating at some new places. Oh, and we laughed a lot. Really, a lot.

We saw a taping of the Late Late Night Show, visited an emergency room, met Little Bird in the desert to have a spa experience and a wonderful dessert, even got to Surfas to buy some kitchen goodies. She helped me find towels and wall art for the house and we didn't annoy darling husband too much, or so he says. Trips to our Farmer's Market were among her favorites--I have to say, me too. I'm hoping to find something like that on my trip to New Jersey next week.

So, it's just me and husband and the bald headed dog and I have to say it's lonely right now. Too hot to go outside and the last day of a three day vacation so want to stay far away from any freeway this afternoon.

I'm just waiting for sunset so I can sit out on the patio and think about the fun things we did and maybe I'll just laugh out loud because few make me laugh like my sister does.

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