Sunday, September 03, 2006

Doggie Disguise

Some breeds of dogs get a bad rap and this website seems to have the answer. Have a dog that people are afraid of? Just get a Doggie Disguise and be done with the fearful looks from strangers on the street. Who thinks of this stuff?

Our own darling Buddy has a new disguise of his own. We think he looks handsome and quite a bit younger with his summer buzz. It was a miscommunication with the groomer but he'll be back to furry-Buddy by Christmas.


  1. he is my handsome "Buddy" dog......I miss him already.

  2. the bastard4:57 PM

    dog looks normal for a change, keep the look.

  3. Tia Di8:30 AM

    I love the new cut, it's understated and chic. The cut accentuates the eyes - coquettish yet mysterious. This hot number will be turning heads.

    It's a good look for the Bud-man.

    I love it.