Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dave at the Hollywood Bowl

I'm very late with this post but wanted to mention a few things about the concert.

What a performance! Dave et al were jammin' at the Hollywood Bowl and it was great. No, it was almost the best performance I've seen them give. Golden Gate Park was the best, I'll always have a place in my heart for the San Francisco show. That whole weekend was a blast.

What made it so good? One was Robert Randolph, his opening act, sat in on two songs the best being Louisana Bayou. They jammed like they've never done before and we just sucked it in, from the fifth row--I might add. My darling daughter always gets the best seats and these were wonderful. "Suck this, peasants!" I stole that line from my son-in-law.

The crowd was a bit on the odd side, but thankfully just a few. I've never seen anyone sit down at DMB performance so it was odd when the couple in front of us did. Good for short little me but odd none the less. Too young to be tired and if they thought they were fooling anyone by sitting down to "light up" they weren't. Loved the no smoking signs at the Bowl, yeah, right. Should say, no smoking but if you wanna toke a bit, we'll look the other way. Makes for a happy crowd and hell, we gotta sell that expensive snack bar crap.

Another odd thing, during a ballad when it was more quiet, the conversation level started. So distracting. Go outside if you're trying to pick-up someone, for god's sake.

None of this affected the night for me, I had the best time and will I go next year? Yes, as long as we still have fun and jump and dance and scream I'll be there.

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  1. glad to have you with me for another year!