Saturday, May 31, 2008

What Happened: it's just a scarf

Crap! The inmates have finally taken over the asylum. Rachel Ray's scarf in this add looks, to some, like the headgear Muslim extremists wear so after some conservative bloggers raised enough ruckus Dunkin' Donuts gave it the dunk.

The linked article goes on to say how celebs in the past have inadvertently caused problems with clothes that have a statement in a language they don't understand. I have seen this with just normal folk but we don't have the press watching every step we take.

Last week I saw a family of four on vacation from an Asia country. Nice, mom, dad, younger sister and about a 12/13 year-old boy. These folks didn't speak English but they were quite. Doesn't bother me they are spending money here. They were all conservatively dresses but the lad was wearing a brand new t-shirt that said "Heavy Fucking Metal" in huge letters across the front. I had to laugh, the kid might have known what it said but I can guarantee his parents didn't. Should I have been insulted and told them this would offend some? Don't think so, I've seen lots on t-shirts and don't take offense.

If you want to be upset about Ray wearing a scarf, go right ahead but I also hope you are outraged about being lied to by our current administration. Good grief, even Scott McClellan, one of his long time people from Texas, is speaking out. Better yet, while you're questioning her sense of style, what's up with those eyebrows?

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