Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is there a goldmine in my desk drawer?

When I pulled out a few items at the back of my desk drawer today I thought I might have found a goldmine. To be honest, and I would, it would be my daughter's gold I mined. What did I find? An old baseball card from 1982. Remembering how much some old autographed cards were valued on the Antiques Road Show I got real interested.

I only slightly remember how this card came to us. I think she stood in line at a local shop to get Steve Sax's, then with the Los Angeles Dodgers, autograph on his card. First thing I did was check the 'net and though this is his rookie card, he came to the Dodgers half season in '81, it wasn't worth much. Closest price I could find was about twenty dollars and it would all hers if she had the notion to part with it. Not exactly enough to retire on.

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