Monday, May 12, 2008

Needles up: daugher becomes teacher

Mother's Day was yesterday and I'm very lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter. She asked me what I'd like to do on my special day and my request was for a knitting lesson. Lil Bird does many things well but she has turned into quite the knitter. She knit her Aunt Doodles wool socks before they headed out to the Great Northern Summer Experience. This would have made her Grandma Ann very proud as she was the knitter in the family.

Our dear friend has breast cancer and with the thought of having chemo, and the possibility of losing her hair, in the back of my mind, I wanted to make her a hat. Just in case. My darling child arrived Sunday morning, dogs in tow, with a wonderful present of knitting paraphernalia and printed out her favorite "easy" hat pattern from the 'net. She has a great site, Crazy Aunt Purl. She's a bit wacky and always funny.

We sat down and got busy with the lesson only to break and make a yummy pasta lunch. Check out a future blog on PBE about our lunch.

You see the hat, I finished last night after Lil Bird left and no, I wasn't up until mid-night. I finished by 9:00 pm. Under her tutelage I created a great hat and hope to make more. There is a children's cancer center at UCLA and I know they'd love to have hats donated for the kids.

So my Mother's Day was filled with yarn and needles and chit chat. That's what happens when you knit. It was also filled with cooking with my darling daugher. We even had some time for shopping and attending to the ears of one of the dogs. I didn't mind. I love them both. All in all it was a very special day, indeed.


  1. that is just too cool........your friend will love the hat and the kids at UCLA will be thrilled.

    goorzeacd job seester

  2. nice hat! i'm glad you enjoyed your day. love you to pieces!