Saturday, May 24, 2008

Magical moments

Our darling daughter has a blog, Maltese Parakeet and from that we've nicknamed her lil bird. She's the only one and parents couldn't hope for a nicer kid. Not going to college wasn't an option and she got her degree then went on to put herself through law school and is an accomplished professional at her job.

When she was little we could pridefully boast about her accomplishments because we did have something to do with them. She spoke early and I'd like to think it's because I taught her but more likely it's because I chatter on incessantly. I will take credit for teaching her to read and for her love of reading. She was read to every night until she was old enough to take the book herself.

When she was nine I taught her to do laundry and balance my check book. No, I wasn't that lazy, it was summer and she was bored. She wasn't much older when she picked up a camera and as a teen she became quite accomplished on her own. It was about then we could no longer brag about what we'd taught her and switch to feeling good about what she was learning on her own. That was a magical moment.

As a parent, those moments are etched into your collective memory like first steps and first words; lots of "firsts" associated with kids. The one I'm thinking of today is one filled with all the emotions; joy, sadness, pride. Our goal was to raise her to think on her own. We felt independence was the most important thing we could give her and the day she got her driver's license and drove away, alone was that goal coming true. She was beginning a life on her own; that was our magical moment.

Thanks, lil bird for all you've given us.

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  1. thanks for all you've given me. i'm saving it up with interest so it will come back to you many times over.

    p.s., thanks buddy. i know you mean dog years. you couldn't have said four?!