Thursday, May 08, 2008

All the comforts of home

Being retired doesn't mean you can't take a few days off. From what I'm trying to figure out but my darling and I headed to the beach on Sunday for a few days. We wanted to stay right on the beach at Rincon, dry camping, but problems with our trailer made us settle for the RV campground. No view of the ocean but just a short walk.

We also like the main street of Ventura for the antique shops and small eateries; Cajun Cafe being one of our favs. An extra plus this trip, I found a shop that sharpens knives and I just happened to have two of my favorites. This guy does them while you wait and he did a great job. I'll be taking more each time we visit.

Using the full hook-ups gave my darling time to fuss with his new satellite dish. I was surprised but pleased when he got it working. We were missing a few channels, the one carrying the Doyer's game, but we muddled through. With the weather a bit dodgy we didn't spend as much time outside as we normally do so the addition of PBS was ok by me.

So why do retirees need time away? Seems like I don't read as much as I like and I got into a book I'd wanted to start. I was thrilled to do the crossword puzzle every morning from the paper and let's not forget the nap. I could take one at home but don't so an afternoon nap after a long walk on the beach was perfect.

Can't wait for the next trip.

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