Sunday, May 18, 2008

Save gas; visit locally

If you are planning a trip to the Getty Center, and you should this summer, you'll have a wonderful selection of exhibits on view. It looks like August 26 to 31 would be the prime days to visit if you wanted to see all of the following for a truly great attractions for the summer.

Maria Sibylla Merian & Daughters: Women of Art and Science
June 10–August 31, 2008
This show should be great for kids, she was a painter of insects and flowers. Who doesn't like to see a big bug?

Bernini and the Birth of Baroque Portrait Sculpture
August 5–October 26, 2008
Bernini, the genius of Rome and stone, and a few of his contemporaries will be on exhibit this summer. Can't wait. Bernini was a womanizer, drinker, murderer, and all around fun guy but he did create work like the Ecstasy of St Theresa.

Faces of Power and Piety: Medieval Portraiture
August 12–October 26, 2008
Early Medieval portraits from the Manuscript's collection. Delicate jewels in miniature.

In Focus: The Landscape
August 26, 2008–January 11, 2009
The landscape in photographs from all the big guys in the Getty collection, twenty-five of them including--Gustave Le Gray, Alfred Stieglitz, and Robert Adams--to name a few. I'll be spending my free time here.

I don't know when there were so many at the same time which is good if you want to pack your summer with a bundle of great things to see. With gas prices going through the roof don't travel so far, visit locally. Did I forget the Central Garden? With Huell Howser's visit I'm sure we'll get visitors just wanting to see our beautiful garden.

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