Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm in therapy

This shouldn't surprise some people but it's not the therapy some of you think I need. My wrist is in serious need of some help so my Dr has sent me off to some very kind ladies who twist and knead my wrist and elbows until I break a sweat. It's not at all what I'd expected. I was thinking hot packs and massage but I get series of exercises with some pummeling. They must work because I'm able to leave my brace off for longer periods. No pain, no gain.

After using my left hand/arm/elbow exclusively for some time now has made it quite sore. It really hurts more than the fractured wrist. The injection the bone doc poked me with did little to relieve the pain and for a few days I couldn't use either arm. I felt as though I had flippers. Therapy has at least gotten me back on track.

All of this reminds me that your life can change in a second. For me the time it took for my feet to leave me and my fat ass, as well as right wrist, to hit the floor. But, I keep hearing my mom, "… this too shall pass." and am thankful it wasn't any more serious.

Serious like the car crash last week. This is the second, in as many years, that I've been witness to and both in the San Fernando Valley. Yikes, it's like running red lights is a hobby with those people. Yeah, I know, they happen everywhere. That's why cities are putting up those blow-this-light-and-we-snap-your-photo cameras.

Just the sound of an accident stays with you for a long time. Nothing can compare with the screech of tires, scraping metal and breaking glass and you looking helplessly at this uncontrollable video being played out before you. Bless the human race; before the smoke cleared people were running to help.

How late do you have to be to run a red light.

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