Tuesday, March 18, 2008

As the elbow turns

Of course regulars here know I've just recently broken my wrist. Actually, a fracture of the distal radial which sounds so much more official. It has been four weeks and today I saw the Dr for another round of x-rays. It is healing nicely but at least two more weeks in the brace and as much physical therapy. I am looking forward to the therapy because after four weeks of not using my right hand it's as week as a hand in a cast for a long time; or maybe a kitten.

All this non-use of my right hand has caused my tennis elbow to flare up, again. My darling Dr. shot me up with something wonderful, well, for the time being. He told me it would feel good long enough for me to get home and far enough from him because in an hour it would start to hurt real bad and he didn't want to be anywhere near me. Smart guy. So he suggested to go home and take some drugs that way I wouldn't hate him. How could I hate this guy.

And, here is a little fun since I'm feeling a bit drugged, Loldogs.

Funny Dog Pictures
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