Monday, December 03, 2007

Sacrificed on the alter

Now I should have time to work on my blogs. My last attempt to sell my artwork this year was, no surprise to me, a bust. Venues where they have handmade baby bibs are fine but not for my work, evidently. Plus I had a very different area for my booth. It was in a church and I was up two stairs on the alter. Yikes, me, a heathen, on the alter. Bad juju all around. First, customers couldn't just walk by and look at my table, they had to look up. Then, even when I'd invite them up to see more of my work, they just didn't seem comfortable.

Having that bird's-eye-view I saw how many people shopped. They like to walk by, give the booth a sweep, then--if interested--they touch something. The only thing I sold were cards and I did twice as good at the Sr Center craft show. Why, because people could pick up the cards. Now, I'm not saying the crappy location had everything to do with it but it sure seemed like it was part of it. People seem to like my art, they are very complimentary but not enough to cough up some cold hard stuff.

Discouraged? Well, yes, a bit but I will regroup after the holidays and see if I can peddle my wares somewhere else. There's a gallery in Noho, North Hollywood, that might need some inventory.

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  1. we'll regroup the day after Christmas or the day after that since you'll be docent-ing.