Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good bye old fella, hello handsome

As this year, 2007, slides into oblivion, it's time to think back about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let's all hope twenty o eight will be a stunning year.

We lost a few friends:
Good bye,
Walker, Ken, Lois,

Made some new ones:
Gail, Paul, Jeremy, Ken, Kathy

Connected with some old ones:
Welcome back,
Nikki, Darryl, Dorothy, Scott
  • My sister and husband sold their house in Florida and took to the open road.
  • My lemon tree gave forth green buds, flowers and finally this past week, lemons.
  • I got to see my sister three times this year, three!
  • The fires didn't come into our little valley, this year, but the wind did.
  • Apple stock rose 134% this year, amazing.
  • I started working in pastels and produced quite a bit. Down side, I sold nothing.
  • My garden tour was successful and I continue to love giving tours at the Getty Center.
  • Riding public transportation and walking became important.
  • After 37 years of marriage, we both learned more about each other.
  • We learned how to fill and empty a black water tank.
  • I discovered I can has cheezeburger?
And the best thing about the upcoming year,
  • There's only one more year to his presidency, crazy though it will be, one more year.
My new year's wish for all of you is happiness, prosperity and peace. We won't get the last unless you bitch to your elected officials so get out there next year and write letters.

For me, I only hope I can continue to continue for one more year.

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  1. I like this idea of writing a list like this! I wish you a new and creative year in which you will get/make your breakthrough as a painter!