Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jimmy Hoffa, I think I know where he is

Freaky things seem to follow me around like a hungry hound. Last week, while Christmas shopping, we stopped in a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf store for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. While paying for my tea the contents of my wallet spilled out on the counter and before I could grab it, my drivers license slipped into an abyss. Seems there is a drivers license sized crack between the two counters and that's where my license went.

When I asked the staff person if they could get it out they assured me they couldn't. Huh? You must be able to. Nope. I was mystified but after I was sure no one else could get it out I hustled over to the DMV and $21 later my license was replaced.

Now I've asked a few friends who's fault this was, I was lobbying for it not being my fault, but I couldn't get anyone to agree with me. Like my sister said, it was just a freak accident that probably couldn't be reproduced if you wanted. I just want to be there when the coffee bar is removed, for whatever reason, and they tear out the cabinets. Who knows what else is down there.


  1. EL CHAVO!4:44 PM

    I bet you anything they put it there on purpose, hoping to trap stray dollars in the crack of oblivion. Maybe there's even a little tube thing that sends it straight to a bank account, like they do at Home Depot. I bet ya! ;)

  2. i don't know, i think that things like driver's licenses, etc., are actually attracted to small, seemingly impossible slots like that. it's like some magnetic force. when i used to work at the dorm, we were constantly having to replace student id's, room keys, etc. because they would fall into the crack between the elevator and the building. that little slit is impossibly tiny, but every time the elevator service company came for maintenance, they would hand us back a bunch of id's and keys.

  3. Funny, I've since talked with a number of people that have lost valuables in tiny spots. Now I don't feel like such a dope.