Friday, December 07, 2007

T'is the season

My holiday season is shaping up nicely. My sister, sans her husband, will be arriving on the 25th. We are understanding of my brother-out-law being absent because he's back to being the Super Salesman while they are wintering in Arizona.

Prior to that we'll be attending a Christmas Eve pajama party with our extended family. I've even bought new jammies to wear. This should be fun. The dinner will be, of course, breakfast which has all possibilities. This same extended family will come to our house for Christmas day dessert. I love making the sweet stuff and I have a wonderful new recipe to try along with a few favorites.

Christmas, to me, is when we can all get together; not one specific day so we will celebrate with the whole family on the 29th. That means presents, food and mimosas. If our family had a crest there would be a flute of champagne laced orange juice surrounded by our names spelled out in Scrabble tiles on a field of pet hair. One can almost see the heraldic banner flapping in the breeze.

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