Friday, November 30, 2007

Bye, John

Last December I'd written about John, our Red Kettle Bell Ringer that sat outside my local market. I even went so far as to have virtual Red Kettle on my blog. I'm passing on that this year because all year long I received solicitations from the Salvation Army. Enough. I didn't raise much money for them but they sent me lots of mail. What a waste of money.

This year there was a new bell ringer outside Von's. I knew it had to be bad news but I asked her where John was. "Sadly, he'd passed away this year, she said and lots of people were asking about him." I made a donation in his name but I am quite saddened by his passing. Though he was challenged many ways, he always had a smile and an upbeat attitude. When I'd see him outside on a chilly day I'd say, "John, aren't you cold? Oh, no, luv. I could be in worse places than this." Let's hope John is in a better place and if you're in a giving mood, don't forget the think of John as you put some money in the little red kettle.