Tuesday, November 21, 2006

They really tug on your heart strings

He's ok now.

I've always said the day Buddy doesn't get excited about going for his daily walk is the day he goes to the vet and that happened yesterday morning.

He was in quite a bit of pain and after the Dr checked him out decided it was his neck. Buddy is 11, which is Social Security/Medicare time for puppies, and things just get wonky. The meds were an anti-inflammatory and had our precious pup up and tail wagging in a few hours. Whew.

But there was some more sad news, oh not for us, for Buddy. Doc says he's gotta drop a few pounds by his next appointment which will be in January. When I told Buddy he needed to go on the South Beach Diet he got very excited, all he heard was "go".

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  1. oh, buddy. hope you're feeling better soon!