Saturday, November 11, 2006

Let us thank you

Whether you agree with the current administration or not today is the day you think of and thank our veterans. My family has had many of our fathers serve this country. Both my grandparents served in WWI though one died before I was born and I never heard the other speak of the war, not unusual that was the war to end all wars.

My father and father-in-law served in the next war and my husband and brother-in-law served as well as many friends. One died in Viet Nam and when we were in D.C this summer we visited the Wall, moving experience. How do you really thank someone for giving their life?

War is the unfortunate result of being able to live the way we want and I feel guilty each time I fill my tank with gas and hope there is a better way. War will never go away but the way we honor the people who have and will in the future protect us will tell more about us as a culture than any election.

My sister has an interesting idea about how to celebrate Veteran's Day on her blog.

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