Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bow down to the king and princess of the mountain

Our friend up the mountain invited us to see two additions to her family, Rex and Grace. These are Cornish Rex cats and they came by way of a pet rescue group. She took both because were from an owner who could no longer care for them. They are sweet little critters and very non-allergic. I can attest to that as I never sneezed once.

Rex, the black and white male, does actually have front feet he just has a strange way of sitting. He sits on his butt like a human and he's very friendly. Grace, the smaller tri-color female, we found just as friendly but doesn't like to sit in you lap and is more content to be on your level. She's quite curious and will poke her nose in anything.
She lost her beloved Noché, also a Cornish Rex, a while back so I'm glad she got these two. She's a great cat wrangler.


  1. how cute they both are........a strange looking feline with personality. I love them!!!

  2. those are some strange lookin' animals.

  3. I agree they are strange looking, but in a cute kind of way.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. I love rexes--I have two myself. I looked for the breed because they're much easier on my allergies, but I love them because they're so loving, curious and playful. I wouldn't give them up for anything. :)