Thursday, February 07, 2008

Social Security to aliens? Bogus!

Maybe on Mars but not here in the US.

Before you forward on e-mails take the time to make sure the information is correct. There are a few websites I use as a source to check rumors such as this. and both are very reliable.

There has been an e-mail circulated recently about Social Security and immigration. It says that the Democrats are planning to give YOUR social security benefits to illegal aliens and for you to add your name to the list and forward it to many of your friends (make sure they are legal) and then off to the President. Check out this link about this e-mail.

It is a distortion of the facts by some Republicans. Nobody's proposing paying benefits to illegal immigrants, not until they become US citizens or granted legal status. And that is the same for guest workers as it is for people like Pauline, a friend that in the past few years has gotten her American citizenship.

The bill in question was passed last May with a bi-partisan majority. During the debate an amendment was offered to change current law to prevent immigrants from getting credit toward future Social Security benefits from taxes paid before they have legal permission to work.

Now here is the interesting part, The Social Security Administration has what is calls an "earnings suspense file" to track the amount of wages that are taxed for collection but not credited to a specific worker. SSA officials have said that the fund takes in as much as $7 billion a year. Where does that money go? It pays benefits to US beneficiaries. So, if you are collecting benefits now, some of that comes from illegal aliens who work, have taxes taken out and get no benefit or would not get benefit in the future.

Really what your Democratic representatives in Congress are doing is the opposite of what this e-mail states, they are protecting SS from retroactive payments.

Now, if your are still reading this, send this to your entire e-mail list. This is the type of information they'd love to have and they'll thank you for sending the truth.

Don't forget to vote!


  1. that sound you hear is the sound of my head exploding. i don't understand all the hate and fear mongering that has recently come to replace reasoned thought when it comes to the immigration debate. the national council of la raza (nclr) has recently started a campaign to take the hate of the immigration debate and their spokesperson took on lou dobbs directly (as most of this hate is coming from him and his show). check it out:

  2. lou dobbs has almost taken over for carl rove as the evil satan dope as far as i'm concerned.......this kinda crap always goes on during an election year but with the immigration issues so fresh in peoples minds they are using scare tactics. you should hear the senior's here talk about about misinformed lordy!

  3. What really irks me are these e-mails that get passed on so casually. There are also ones about Obama that make me ill.

    That will need to be another post.